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Be Risk-Averse Yet Bold Enough To Dream Big

Born into an educated and progressive family with a humble business background. “Simplicity is significant in being able to convince people of your vision.” Vinay Maloo, Chairman, Enso Group firmly believes without clear communication and comprehension of your business or sales strategy, it becomes an arduous task to convince people of the potential of your product and services.

Vinay Maloo got awarded as Dynamic Personality Of The Year 2021 by Xel Research & Asia’s Most Trusted Leader 2021 by WCRC International.

“The impetus I had from my family was unparalleled to my humble beginning. My father was a strict disciplinarian who worked professionally and encouraged me to believe in myself. The values he instilled in me during my childhood gave me the ideal nurturing atmosphere at home to become a visionary. It led me towards financial independence at a very young age.”

After attending National High School in Kolkata, he graduated from St. Xavier’s College, the University of Calcutta with honors. Later he pursued Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Vinay did what his heart desired and quit his course midway to start his own business to become an entrepreneur.

Notable Milestones In His Entrepreneurial Journey

In 1987 Vinay started HFCL with two other founders. The company became the first private sector company to enter telecom equipment manufacturing in India. Additionally, it provided turnkey solutions to private sector players worldwide and the Government of India’s undertakings. Later HFCL peaked remarkably at a roughly $3 billion market cap making Vinay one of the top 10 richest Indians at 39. However, he quit the company to start his own independent enterprise Enso Group in 2005. Today Enso Group has emerged as an established multinational diversified conglomerate with global operations across industries including, Mining, Energy, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Technology, and Solar. Under Vinay’s leadership, the company has invested in various business projects worldwide. Envisioning immense potential to help people by investing in the healthcare sector, Enso Group launched Enso Healthcare in 2013. Since its inception, the company has successfully provided diagnostic healthcare services across India. Enso Foundation is a philanthropic endeavor started by Enso Group to assist and uplift underprivileged children and other sections of society in India and abroad. Under this initiative, they have provided healthcare services, child education, animal welfare, and nature preservation.

During the Covid- 19 pandemic, they hit a milestone when Enso Healthcare became one of the leading aggregators for Sputnik V vaccines for RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund).

Vinay firmly believes as a business leader he has to take an educated approach to do business. Enso believes in the power of its people. It is imperative to have dedicated colleagues who are willing to align with your company’s ethos.


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