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CEO Shares How Incentives Affect Employee Retention & Growth In Sales

While growing up as a youth, he was enthusiastic about undertaking various tasks to learn a new skill and test and explore his business acumen. An Incentive and Compensation Technology specialist, Varun Gupta, CEO of Atmax Technologies, became an entrepreneur after gaining over a decade of experience in HR & Sales.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Varun spent a substantial amount of time in research, gaining insight into how incentives and compensation affect the growth of Sales and HR functions. In October 2019 he along with his colleague Santosh Prabhakar incepted Atmax Technologies, a Commission, Incentive, and Compensation technology company. The company’s first product, Incentmax, is a dedicated sales commission management software that links business goals with employee variable payment or commissions.

“We firmly believe that compensation is the foremost relationship between the employer and the employee. Therefore, leveraging tools like variable salaries or incentives to motivate employees to perform better and have optimum productivity has become critical for any organization. Our product “Paymax” for Compensation Benefits & “Incentmax” for Incentive management addresses the critical issue.”

During his tenure, he gained rich experience working as an Account Management Sales Leader, managing over a ten million dollar portfolio for Peoples Strong, one of Asia’s Asia’s leading SaaS-based HR Technology companies. Furthermore, he headed B2B Sales and HR Technology accompanied by an efficient customer retention strategy that expedited product sales.

Recognized for outstanding consumer value-proposition and commitment to nation-building, Atmax Technologies received the “Most Promising Start-Up” award at the Indian Achievers’ Awards 2020.

Atmax also aims to give it back to the community by following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which are followed by all counties and are monitored by the United Nations.

The sustainable development goals (United Nations Goals) that the Atmax technologies follow and help the organizations to follow are:

Goal of gender equality, we can do comparison of salary and can inform the leadership team if there is any gap found in pay between the gender.

For the goal of reducing inequalities, we can set triggers in the system if the salaries for people are beyond reasonable range which means right people are getting the right amount of salary. This reduces inequalities as the system does it without any bias and with full transparency.

We also make sure that the system works on the goal of decent work and economic growth by making sure that all the job rotations and changes can happen basis the skills/performance of the employee. Even our system is compatible and can easily work towards bringing unorganised workforce into more organised framework.

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