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Do Not Let Your Mind Or Others Exploit You, Be The Master Of Your Mind

Pranav Kumar is a Techno Manager, turned globally certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Master, Energy Healer (Master Sound Healer, Reiki Healer), Fitness Personal Trainer, Nutritionist. His journey from pursuing his MBA from NITIE Mumbai, Mechanical Engineering from NIT Calicut to dropping out of in Cad Cam & Robotics from IIT Roorkee to pursue holistic wellness as a way of life personifies his grit and love for holistic healing.

“Inculcating alternative healing practices in our daily life plays an active role in our journey towards holistic health as healing comes from within. It assists us in achieving a greater sense of our autonomy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, meditation, conscious breathing, diet changes, visualization, and the use of sound further promote our spiritual health.”

Attitude is Everything

After listening to a speech by Kiran Bedi at IIT Roorkee on the Inclusion of human consciousness as a subject to study as a part of the curriculum, Pranav began questioning the purpose of his existence. From 2016 until 2018, he worked as a PMO in Sterlite Power (Vedanta Group) and dissuaded an unhealthy work environment wherein people were overworked. During his stint at Vedanta, he faced regional discrimination and mental harassment at the hands of his Project Director at work. He decided to raise a red flag against the unhealthy work practices that became detrimental to the employee’s mental and physical health and blew the whistle in Vedanta Group. Later the Project Director was fired by the company after three months.


It was challenging for Pranav to convince his parents to quit his well-paying job as a Techno Manager to take up Yoga and fitness as an alternate career path. Despite this, he made a courageous decision to give up on a successful career at Sterlite (Vedanta Group). He later secretly resigned from his job and completed numerous Yoga and Fitness training programs.

Curing People with Yoga & Alternative Healing Is Liberating

His core mission is to become a channel to heal humanity while raising awareness on the immeasurable benefits of imbibing holistic healing therapies and practices in their daily lives. Pranav started Yoga Divine Soul in 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. An increasing number of people were suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and numerous other conditions as people learned to adjust to a new world. Yoga Divine Soul offers Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy, Energy Healing(Sound Healing, Reiki Healing), Nutrition Counseling, Fitness Training, and facilitates Corporate Yoga programs.

Yoga Inculcates Discipline As A Way of Life

His passion for alternative healing therapies stirred Pranav to pursue vigorous yoga, sound healing, and reiki training from globally recognized Yoga schools across India which include Svyasa, Abhyaranya Rishikesh Yogpeeth, Kaivalyadhama, Isha Foundation, Dev OM Mindfulness & Meditation, and Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar. He also trained under some of the esteemed globally-recognized Yoga Gurus including, Dr. H.R. Nagendra (Yoga Guru of PM Modi), Himalayan Yogi & Advaita Master Dev Om & SADHGURU. Additionally, he also completed intensive Fitness training from ISSA, CPD.

Recognition & Awards

He was facilitated by the Executive Committee of Sri Kotla Bhaskar Reddy Botanical Garden in 2021. The same year he also won The Indian Achievers’ Award 2021 for outstanding professional achievement and contribution to Nation Building. He was also recognized at the Global Choice Award 2021-22 as ‘Youth Man Icon Of The Year (Yoga & Fitness Expert)’ for significant achievement and contribution to the world in the Yoga and Fitness sector.


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