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Ex-Navy Officer/Sri Lanka-Tsunami Rescue Team Member Shows Astute Leadership In Corporate Sales

This leader, entrepreneur, and veteran Indian Navy officer is an exultant soul who discovers bliss in winning relationships, working with passionate people, and developing new partnerships. Today a recognized sales cognoscenti, Gavi Kumar, is Sales Director- BD & Digital at Infosys. The merit holder has over eighteen years of experience building strategic relationships globally with key technology and business leaders. He undertook leadership roles in leading Telecom and IT companies, including IBM and Ericsson, after serving as the Deputy Director in the Indian Navy for almost seven years.

An MBA graduate from IIM, Lucknow in Business Management, Marketing & Related Support Services, Gavi later pursued a certificate program from Harvard Business School in Disruptive Strategy. The insightful curriculum built his confidence in articulating complex viewpoints, applying strategic frameworks to assess new opportunities and potential threats in business.

While transiting from the Armed Forces to the corporate sector with limited knowledge, he was unsure how things would turn out. However, his grit, determination to learn, and belief in the power of technology steered him to be adaptive and focused. By implementing the executive-level strategy formulation and team management techniques, he directed projects for developing and transforming to digitization for Military Headquarters and later gained recognition as a Corporate Sales Leader.

“I believe in continual learning, with customer success at the helm. I aim to maximize revenues with the optimized service model, technology mix, and innovation.”

During his tenure in the naval forces, he was a key member of India’s First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier. It was the first rescue mission from India to land in Sri Lanka during the Tsunami of 2004, which got felicitated by the Indian and the Sri Lankan Government. Later was adjourned as the Best Positive Living Officer.

“If you take care of people, people take care of you.”

In 2020, he got accorded as The Most Admired Global Indian for his exemplary services towards his nation and the communities.


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