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Financial Consultant Supports Underprivileged Patients Suffering From Leprosy- Primary Healthcare

A qualified graduate in Economics with a doctorate in Finance and Management from IIM, Mumbai, Dr. Suri was a committed youth with a vision to shape her future. Her diligent attitude, resilience, and hard work elevated her career. The growth she experienced through her professional journey led her to become the Director of a leading financial firm. This financial guru decided to take a leap of faith and embarked on her journey to become an entrepreneur about the same time.

Her philanthropic fervor

While growing up as a young girl, Dr. Suri was brought up in a disciplined yet progressive environment. She credits her father for her upbringing, who was an army officer. He instilled deep compassion in her for human life and affection for her country. Driving around the streets as a teenager, she witnessed people affected by leprosy begging outside the temple. Such heart-wrenching visuals left her anxious. It was then that she endeavored to assist the underprivileged, which led her to become a philanthropist.

Dr. Suri personally funds the medical treatment and primary healthcare services for underprivileged patients suffering from leprosy. She assists at a local clinic, providing free homeopathic medicines for patients who need urgent restorative care, and could not afford the medical expenses.

It’s crucial to help save lives and feed the hungry. An estimated over 25 lakh people die due to starvation every year. Dr. Suri is also a passionate baker who believes our love for cooking and savoring food should be directly proportional to our intent of sharing it with others and rejoicing. It’s crucial to help save lives and feed the hungry. An estimated over 25 lakh people die due to starvation every year. She bakes and sells cookies, cakes, and rusks when she is not at work. The profits derived from selling these food items are donated to the United Nations World Food Programme devoted to children’s welfare.

Entrepreneurial leadership

Dr. Suri has proven her expertise as a successful entrepreneur and an astute financial consultant during her tenure. In 2015 she became the Co-Founder of Suri Capital & Leasing Ltd, under the guidance of her father, General A.L. Suri, who brought out an IPO which was oversubscribed thrice.

The company witnessed steady growth over the next few years. Dr. Suri professionally spearheaded her role in locating emerging trends and developed strong client relationships. Later she sold her business venture and took on a leadership role as Director, Bharat Re-Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd, India’s largest insurance company. She also works with the Minority Development Financing Commission (MDFC) as a consultant on loans for construction housing projects.

Acknowledged for her philanthropic effects and business leadership, The Indian Achiever’s Forum awarded Dr. Sonya Suri the Indian Achiever’s Award for 2020. She was also accorded the Global Human Rights Protection Award.


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