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If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door

Education is one of the greatest gifts that can create intellect, connections, and a sound mind. Avtar Singh, Chief of Security & Intelligence, Bharat Aluminium Company, firmly believes in building opportunities even if they aren’t possible. Life is a valuable gift bestowed upon us. Human existence is for a reason. Unfortunately, billions of individuals in this world are just toiling hard to make a living. They are so fixated on their objectives or issues, leading them to become unappreciative of being alive.

Facing Childhood Challenges with Grit & Determination

There were no schools in his vicinity or any public transportation within kilometers from where he lived during his early school years. Such circumstances posed a massive challenge for him to get to school, so he walked for kilometers every day to reach school on time to gain his formative education. His keen enthusiasm for learning new skills and reading while going to school motivated him. Furthermore, he had no one at home who could mentor him, offering fundamental guidance or help as his parents did not have an opportunity to attend school. Life came to a standstill when he fell ill, losing his vision for two years. He relied on thick glasses for carrying out his daily chores. It all had a significant impact on his studies. However, he slowly recovered. To attend high school, he cycled for 15 km to and fro every day to school, followed by another 10 km to attend tuition classes. Terrorism was also at peak between 1992- 1993 in Uttarakhand. It was challenging to move around in the city. He would hang blankets on the windows and keep the lights dim at night to study. Since circumstances were doubting, he was his only competition, so he strived to become a better version of himself every day.

Career Jumpstart & Leadership Recognition

After getting selected as Reliance’s Trainee Security Executive, Avtar Singh joined Reliance Industries in 2001 and underwent training at three RIL Manufacturing units (Jamnagar, Hazira and Dahej). During this period, he handled multiple assignments (Material Management, Patrolling, Intelligence & Vigilance etc.). In 2003, he was transferred to IPCL Dahej to set up a security system. He handled multiple assignments and quickly got promoted to the Manager Security Operations role. Later he moved to Reliance Logistics, managing product transportation for Hydrocarbon Units of Reliance spread across India, directly reporting to Sh. Niraj Ambani, CEO of Reliance Logistics. He played a crucial role in tightening the processes for hiring vehicles for product dispatch, which significantly reduced losses. In 2008, he left Reliance and migrated to the UK while working for EDF Energy. Later in 2012, he came back to India and joined Reliance. He was responsible for setting up a Centralized Crisis Management Centre for Hydrocarbon Units, which resulted in massive success. His team successfully handled more than 1500 emergency calls from all across India within a month. In addition, they set up an “Integrated Social Media” lab converging and correlating intelligence inputs from various open sources. Channelizing the intelligence into the Corporate Risk Management structure was built for review, which upgraded the existing security countermeasures. This got him selected to undergo certification courses on Business Continuity and Kidnap Incident Management. In 2015, he made it to the most coveted RIL Leadership Development programme called “CAP” (Career Acceleration Programme). The selection process involved multiple evaluation steps both by the external and internal agencies. Out of 3500 employees who participated in the programme, 60 made it to the final list. Mr. Mukesh Ambani personally felicitated all the participants. Later he joined BALCO in 2019, and now he heading the Security of the Aluminium Business (BALCO, Jharsuguda and Lanjigarh).

Awards & Accolades

During his career spanning 22 years, Avtar has received several awards and accolades. He was conferred with The Real Heroes Award by Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh for his exemplary contribution during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In 2021, he won Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs)for In-House Manager/Director by Businessworld, Global Choice Award in ‘Global Excellence & Leadership in Security Industry’ organized by ‘Xel Research Media Private Limited’ and Indian Achievers Awards for Business Leadership.

Mentors Influence on His Path to Success

Human life is fleeting. We all are here on earth for a limited amount of time. How we utilize the time in our hands is what makes the difference. We can decide to live a life of mediocrity and leave this world as we found it. Or we can make a subconscious choice to live a life of meaning, a life of purpose, and leave this world a better place than we found it. Avtar credits his success to his mother, mentor and teachers who helped shape his life. These ideologies moulded him and helped shape his world. His mentor, H.S. Pannu and Yogi Gurdeep Singh, taught him patience and perseverance. At the same time, his teacher Mr. Rajendra Kumar Choudhary inculcated a positive outlook towards whatever challenges one must face. The purpose of his life giving is to do good to those in need and be content. Everything else is fleeting and temporary.


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