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Perseverance And Self-Belief Are Catalysts In The Journey Of Entrepreneurship

Having been born in a service class family, childhood had been a series of challenges for Dr. Milap Goud, CMD of Knnamp drilling fluids Services P. Ltd. He however firmly believed then and also vouches today that these challenges had given him an impetus upon which, the platform of entrepreneurship started growing in him since childhood itself. He firmly believes that every adversity is in fact a hidden opportunity to convert ideas into action.

Despite being the only Indian to have IADC accreditation in providing training in drilling fluids and cement slurry design that has international recognition, Dr. Goud has pledged to keep the objective of uplifting the student community above the concept of adding more zeroes to bank account and that is reflected in the form of his act of authoring books on various technical and non-technical aspects which spread the message of sharing the knowledge at an affordable price.

Deriving inspiration from the ideologies of his mentor and Ph. D guide late Prof R C Kapoor, he learned that in our life, we need to choose between perseverance and complacence and whatever we choose, will decide our destiny! He also attributes his success to his late parents who inculcated in him the culture of remaining grounded, simple, and committed, no matter how high we rise, and offering helping hands to deserving but underprivileged while ensuring to make just enough profit to remain afloat in the market. A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement and that precisely was/is / will be the USP of Knnamp group!

While graduating with majors in Biology and Chemistry, he got more fascinated with Chemistry and that enabled him to earn the degree of Ph. D in Chemistry even while working for a national oil company, ONGC Ltd. Every obstacle during this and subsequent part of the journey was like another challenge to be overcome and he did it without getting disarrayed or disillusioned. Recognizing his passion, the Scientific and research foundation of Texas USA nominated him as a member of the technical panel, apart from being a full member of N. Carolina-based institution Sigma Xi, another research and scientific body in the USA. In 2019 he was also awarded an honorary degree of Ph. D in management by CIAC, Confederation of International accreditation commission. In Feb 2021, the Govt of India has also awarded a patent to him for inventing a new drilling fluid additive.

Knnamp drilling fluids services P. Ltd is an extension of Knnamp Enterprise, which was originally floated in 2015, again with the objective of providing a technical platform to small-scale manufacturers and new entrants in the drilling fluids industry by providing all types of drilling fluids related service under one roof, that too as an independent entity. Simultaneously he also established a base for himself in academic institutions to form a bridge between industry and academic institutions. He also consulted a few industrial biggies on technical aspects during the same period to pump funds into the newly formed company.

The onslaught of pandemic threatened to throw everything out of gear but, being a man of steel nerves and vision beyond the horizon, he quickly realized that and converted the business model by accelerating the concept of online virtual internship/training to students and engineers who got crippled due to nationwide lockdown and international slow down. It was a mutually beneficial association for Knnamp group and all those students who had to undergo mandatory internships to keep their academic track intact, unaffected adversely due to lack of internships from big companies who shut their activities as a result of nationwide lockdown.

People who disbelieve in your goals and aspirations perhaps fail to understand you. Everyone can not and need not align with your ideologies. Selectively stay away from those who fail to understand you. These are some of the business mantras of Knnamp drilling fluids services P Ltd which stood strong with him during the crisis and Knnamp again emerged victorious, which is reflected in the form of an award of excellence in QA/QC being bestowed upon Knnamp by “Chamber of commerce and Industry at Global business leadership summit. Imparting training, conducting conferences, of workshops and delivering technical lectures has now become a regular part of business activity of Knnamp group.

As a part of the philanthropic endeavor, he taught and trained numerous students online, free of charge to begin with and the process is still continuous now with a nominal fee, just to ensure that really needy one approaches and avails the opportunity at an easily affordable price. Donating blood at regular intervals, raising funds for NGOs by participating in a marathon race, and occasionally celebrating the festivals with orphans are some of the activities of the Knnamp group under the CSR segment, being managed by Knnamp drilling fluids Services P. Ltd.

Knnamp will continue to believe and stay rooted in its ideology of serving humanity and making just enough profit to remain relevant in the industry by catering to the technical thirst of fresh entrants and thus build a strong team of world-class drilling fluids engineers in India. Cross-industry technical amalgamation is another area of Knnamp where efforts are always made in finding applications to products of other industries in the oil field, which resulted in the invention of several mud additives by Knnamp group. Stretching beyond drilling fluids, knnamp also has the expertise of Cement slurry design, another important aspect of oil field operations, and one of the books published by Dr. Milap is covering several aspects of cement slurry design.

Developing new products and adding value to the existing product are the added versions of the business activities of the Knnamp group, fuelled by the drive and ability to innovate and improvise. Reviewing technical articles at the international level in technical journals is another area where Dr. Milap spends his time productively.


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