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Self Belief & Team Work Augment Professional Growth

DHYEY spent his childhood growing up in the small industrial town of Ankleshwar in Gujarat, India – navigating his way to adulthood without proper means of living. Just the availability of facilities and resources was a challenge. Despite this, he built strong and close-knit relationships of love and friendship with his family and neighbors. Today, Dhyey Sheth, VP – Sales & Marketing, Stayflexi, has come a long way on his personal and professional journey, one that has been truly transformational.

Childhood Impressions & Experiences Help Shape Perspective

A lot of what Dhyey has achieved was built in his childhood, watching the financial struggles of his parents and the hard work they put in to give the family a good life. He was gifted and proactive right from childhood but was also notorious for throwing wild tantrums from an early age. Around the time he started his undergraduate studies, he found a mentor, which was possibly the biggest turning point in his life. Since then, he has grown more potent as a person, a professional, and a human being.

“Doing what you love allows you to become a better human being and ignites a passion for excelling at learning and growing together as a team to drive business growth.”

Facing Challenges Are Your Window To The Future

While growing up, he did not have the luxury of acquiring education in a convent school as none was in his vicinity. Life for him was chaotic and cluttered while growing up. His family lived in a Falia or Mohalla, as they say in Gujarati, a traditional Indian village lane with close-set houses on both sides.

He recollects how they had no privacy, as each house looked onto the other; so studying with peace was an unconquerable task. He further reminisces the time during his grade 12 board exams, when he had to travel almost 10 Kms to reach his examination centre. Living in a semi-rural area, he could not always get hold of the right transport to commute. Consequently, he used to go on foot and then keep an open eye on public transportation for lifts or shuttles.

He faced his first significant challenge when he moved to Vallabh Vidyanagar for his graduation and had to live in a hostel. For the first time in his life, he felt lonely and isolated from his family, with no friends. He spent many nights crying to sleep, missing the great relationships and bonds of trust and love he built while growing up in Ankleshwar.

Education Will Take You Places

Growing up, he understood through his struggles how education expands people’s perspectives on themselves and the world, improves the quality of their lives and has a wide range of social advantages for both individuals and society. To this end, he enrolled in and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application from Sardar Patel University (SEMCOM College). While studying for his graduation, he decided to move abroad for higher studies. It was an uphill task convincing his parents that he could go overseas for his studies, but he prevailed. He successfully applied to and secured enrolment to pursue a Master’s Degree in Information Technology with a Specialisation in e-Business & Business Development from James Cook University, Singapore. This move abroad to study became a key stepping stone for him.

As a small-town boy, he had hardly ventured beyond perhaps 200 km of his home, and now, he was suddenly in a new country, a new culture, and completely alone. Yet in retrospect, he believes that the three years of hostel life he experienced for his graduation taught him all the lessons he needed to learn, and allowed him to step up, and never give up on getting recognized for the success he has achieved today.

Self-Belief & Teamwork Equals Progress

The belief he had in himself got him his first job as a trainee with eZee Technosys, one of the biggest hospitality IT companies in India. He was born with an entrepreneurial spirit that dictated his decisions right from his school days. That same spirit drove him to excel at eZee. Since then, the journey has been of continuous learning and growth, with an equal measure of success thrown in. After a successful 5+ year stint with eZee, he moved to STAAH as the company offered him a chance to set up the company’s development office in Surat. It was just the opportunity he needed to prove his metal and forge forward. Not only did he set up the development office, but he also took on the responsibility of managing STAAH’s business development across India, and later globally.

Through this new professional opportunity, he enhanced his skills, working closely with the winning team at STAAH, and growing the business from a presence in a handful of locations to having a client base spread across 90+ countries. However, all good things must end for better things to start, so it was his stint with STAAH. After completing his beautiful journey with a fantastic team, he soon realized that one has to get out of their comfort zone to gain recognition, which later led him to accept a more challenging role with Stayflexi.

Dhyey firmly believes that regardless of the business one does, as an entrepreneur, one must recognize that they have only crafted the idea. Taking that idea to fruition has been the hard work and dedication of a team of talented, committed individuals. So, no matter how established you become in your professional journey as an entrepreneur, always keep your people with you, treat them fairly, and be one of the team. It is the mantra he lives by every day and the mantra that has brought him the success he enjoys today!


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