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Sincerity & Transparency Elevates Your Professional Growth

While growing up in a lower-middle-class family in Kolkata, India, Aditya faced severe financial problems at home. Always a driven and dedicated student who was consistent and eager to learn the fundamentals of subjects to get ahead in class. He didn’t get pocket money and couldn’t afford to buy soccer shoes during primary school. The stepping stone and growth for Aditya K Mehta, Senior President & Chief Financial Officer, Orion Group, the professional journey was his sincere and transparent approach to life and work.

Academic & Professional Journey

He spent his early years in School at St. Xavier’s Collegiate School and La Martiniere for Boys, elected as a House Captain and School Captain. He was a versatile doer who represented his school in sports, quizzes, elocution, and debate contests and got honored with several awards and titles. Later he pursued a B.E. in Electrical & Electronics from Bangalore University. Soon after, he got selected for the All India Common Entrance Test.

During his career, he worked with Cargill, the largest privately held corporation in the U.S.A., while working at CitiBank. This experience sparked a change. As a result, he had a transformational revolution throughout his professional journey. He realized that to grow and excel at business, one needs people to have an open mind to unlearn.

“Building a sincere and transparent relationship with yourself and your work with a positive attitude towards being willing to unlearn plays a huge catalyst in professional growth. This resistance to change my approach and unlearn the past didn’t help me. On the contrary, I performed better when I started going with the flow and stopped resisting the unlearning.”

With over 20 years of experience, now undertaking a leadership role at Orion Group, he believes diversification is crucial in building effective, inclusive, sustainable business model parameters. Orion Group is one of the largest diversified conglomerates in Bangladesh, with businesses that include footwear, consumer durables, textiles, pharma, healthcare, power, and energy. The company is also the 3rd largest private independent electric power producer in the country. They supply electricity to the National Grid, which is used to run the garments and textile factories, which is the largest employer and the largest foreign exchange earner for the nation. Recently they operationalized the largest renewable energy, solar-powered, project in Bangladesh.

Future Vision

His vision is in sync with the ethos of the business, where he envisioned how to help transform communities by blending the mix of integrity, teamwork, and creativity of its people. The cumulative learning he gained throughout his academic and professional journey helped him when he applied the knowledge to excel and grow to undertake leadership roles.


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