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Vinodh(VK) works in the analytics industry for 12+ years and have been a philanthropist and social worker for almost 15 years. But he found there are some limitations to how much one can donate and how much work you can do on the ground in person when it comes to social work owing to professional and personal commitments. So, he looked around and figured out how to use technology to do social good. He runs 6 global community initiatives aligned towards social good especially using data visualization.
He is a 2 x Tableau Visionary, 3 x Tableau ambassador a recognition which puts him among the top 50 data visualizers in the world. He has a huge reputation in the global data visualization industry. He is a well renowned global mentor, climate advocate and his work is portrayed in climate change conference and tech conferences around the globe.

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“Giving back to the world is a virtue and we should always find ways to give back to this world in whatever way possible “

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He aligns to all the UN SDG goals and have been an advocate for the UN SDG goals for the past few years
He co-leads a social project called #TheSDGVizProject in the global tech community to support all the SDG goals equally
#TheSDGVizProject focuses on the third level of action; People Action.  The goal is to use social media and data visualization to:
•    Raise awareness and promote the Sustainable Development Goals;
•    Measure and report on progress towards the SDG’s;
•    Provide insight into quality-of-life inequities around the globe; and
•    Provide opportunities for our community to contribute locally towards meeting the global goals
•    Help to bring underprivileged people’s problems to the eyes of global community

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