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Making Slow And Steady Changes To Status Quo Accelerates Business Growth

He experienced a privileged childhood owing to his family business background. However, like many young people who take the baton of their family business forward, he too faced daunting challenges while embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. Vaibhav Maloo, Managing Director, Enso Group faced resistance against his thought processes and the mission to become a catalyst to bring about growth through steady change.

After completing his high school in New Delhi and Mumbai. Vaibhav pursued a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. After that, he completed his postgraduate diploma in Global Business from Said Business School, the University of Oxford, which he concluded in 2013. The same year he enrolled for Executive MBA in Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. However, in 2014, he withdrew his candidacy and moved to India to join Enso Group.

Today Enso Group is a recognized multinational diversified conglomerate with global operations across industries including Mining, Energy, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Technology, and Solar.

“As a young entrepreneur, I struggled! It’s not always easy to communicate your vision and strategy till you have acquired faith and respect amongst your peers and society. I worked tirelessly to build a robust communication network. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Luck, hard work, grit, and perseverance are what are required. One also learns immensely through human interactions between people from different parts of the world.”

He took constant inspirations from his idols, his father, Vinay Maloo, Ratan Tata, Bill Gates. He learned by adapting their business ethics and ideologies. His professors at Carnegie Mellon, Oxford, and Cambridge have been an additional source of encouragement for him, who mentored him and have had an everlasting impact on his life.

Challenges in His Entrepreneurial Journey In 2005, Vaibhav joined his father, Mr. Vinay Maloo, after the father decided to leave his previous company HCFL. His mentorship the same helped him to lay a strong foundation for the Enso Group. The company entered into Oil & Gass research. The geopolitics at that time gave this industry very high valuations. During the initial years, the company faced financial hurdles, resistance to integration, and fierce competitive thwarts. Deciding to bring changes while slowly building business networks and channels, was extremely daunting yet fruitful considering the recent growth and expansion of the company.

The Future

Enso Group’s subtle and astute approach in conducting business which is mainly B2B, while securing stakeholder interests has been key to the business growth. Today Enso has successfully adapted to the changing times while they continuously evolve as a globally recognized enterprise.


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