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Young Gujarati Entrepreneur Establishes India’s First Boutique Spectacle Lens Brand

A young and passionate entrepreneur Pratik Bhatt fights all odds to establish and lead Zylux Ventures Pvt Ltd to become the Fastest Growing Startup in the Indian Eyewear Industry. Demonstrating a tenacious spirit to never give up while staying calm amidst a crisis is what makes his approach novel and helps Bhatt handle any situation with a positive outlook.

Zylux Ventures Pvt Ltd won the title of the Fastest Growing Startup In Eyewear Industry (Spectacle Lenses) in India at the Global Choice Awards 2021.

Vision and Inspiration

Hailing from a Gujarati family, he always knew from an early age he had the business acumen to become an entrepreneur. However, coming from a lower-middle-class family with dreams of establishing a company in an industry with no godfather was a huge hurdle in itself. Taking constant inspiration from the business ideologies of Steve Jobs, Ex (CEO), and Co-founder of Apple Inc, it was Bhatt’s dream to create and own a brand that he could proudly call his own. “I believed in my vision and business model. This encouraged me to start my enterprising venture, Zylux lenses, a premium quality Indian eye care brand,” says Pratik Bhatt, Founder, Zylux Ventures Pvt Ltd.

Identifying an untapped midsegment value product in the Indian Optical Industry was the beginning of Zylux Lenses. Followed by bridging the gap of providing value for money, exclusive market-oriented distribution of the model along cutting-edge technology.

Biggest challenges in his journey?

However, it was not an easy road to the top. After finishing his business degree, he started his small venture of distributing spectacle lenses at the age of 23, along with a job in Human Resource Management in a corporate company. Introducing the Zylux product line amidst established Indian Eyewear companies and counterparts with decades of experience was intimidating. Venturing into the Indian Eyewear Industry as a small inexperienced player was a huge challenge and risk for him as a young entrepreneur.

“The hero of any business is the product or service and I believed in my product, the price point. The original business model that I presented was never witnessed before in the India spectacle lenses industry,” says Bhatt.


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