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Passion & Desirous Entrepreneur Developed Self-Sustained Communities Using Eco-friendly Practices

An ardent nature lover and a passionate entrepreneur, who believes self-sustained societies are the key to sustainable living into the future. Currently, Mr. Raghava Rao Bellamkonda, the Managing Partner at NSR, is a first- generation entrepreneur in his family, with close to a decade of experience in the industry. He dedicated his achievement to his parents, who sacrificed and toiled hard to educate him. He shares how his father bought a small computer for him from their measly savings during his engineering days. Like numerous people of his generation, he also moved to the corporate world and worked for 15+ years in various roles.

Mr. Raghava was born and brought up in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. His family worked together in the farming sector. In his early childhood days, he witnessed his father toiling all day long in the fields, inculcating in him the values of hard work, living within your means, and discipline. It led to an inclination and fascination towards pastoral life and pristine Nature, ultimately shaped his outlook towards life in later years. Witnessing his father toiling in the fields taught him, to associate with Nature and take it forward through an entrepreneurial journey centered around Nature and sustainable living.

A Mechanical Engineering graduate with a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), he held leadership positions in businesses over the years. He is basically a Nature lover and strongly believes that, aligning us with natural forces can make our lives simpler and easier. The existence of NSR is due to his passion for Nature and Self Sustainability. NSR stands for Nature, Self-Sustainability, and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). It envisions all the comforts of modern living amidst greenery, serenity, and a pollution-free environment in a self-sustained way.

During his stay in Bangalore, while working as an employee, he started reminiscing about his childhood days of living in his native village amidst Nature and far removed from the city's madding crowd and concrete jungle. In those days, 'Vocal for locals' was the spirit of his fellow villagers. Their lifestyle and expectations were tuned to whatever was available locally, and together as a community, they were all aligned with Nature. When it came to meeting the daily needs of food, water, etc., they never looked beyond the ecosystem of the available resources in their village. However, thanks to globalization, they now get everything from faraway places, including day-to-day essentials like food, water, etc.

Humans still need to remember to get the local stuff. It made him feel that the current lifestyle does not represent sustainable living. That's when he decided to begin his journey to build something similar to his childhood living in his native village - an eco-friendly and self-sustained residential community. The thought ultimately manifested itself in the NSR Green Woods project, an eco-friendly cum self-sustained village and residential colony in the bengaluru outskirts.

His honesty, integrity, perseverance, clarity of thought and purpose, passion to follow his dreams, and a desire to bring about a positive change in people’s lives and sincerity towards his work, saw him successful in initial stage of his entrepreneurial journey. With this experience, he's more confident and wants to start more self-sustaining communities.


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