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Technology Champion supports education for visually impaired girls and rural farmers in distress

Award-winning global IT Transformation & Digital Leader, this IT innovation professional is a proud technology champion and philanthropist. His knowledge and focus in designing global IT strategies across business verticals, competencies, and functions have been recognized by his industry counterparts. Currently, Yogesh Dadke is the Asia Pacific Information Technology Leader at Adient, a global automotive seating manufacturing company.

“I firmly believe, technical education is a necessity, behavioral education is mandatory while integrity education is most critical,” says Yogesh.

Equipped with ‘Organization Development – OD’ certifications he is a trusted mentor and leader for his team members. Taking inspiration from his idols Mr. A P J Adbul Kalam, Ratan Tata, and Jeff Weiner, Yogesh is a true philanthropist at heart. Currently, he is associated with two philanthropy initiatives in rural India. He believes everyone has a right to education and basic livelyhood. He provides financial aid, career counseling, and special education to visually impaired girls studying at the NFBM Jagriti School for Blind Girls in Pune, Maharashtra. His love for mother earth led him to financially support an association working with distressed rural farmers in India. He believes financial aid, guidance, and counseling helps these farmers deal with the pressures they face in their daily life.

“I am trying to do my bit as a human being. The COVID pandemic has taken the clock back in time. I aim to upskill young girls, build a future and support anguished Indian farmers,” he says.

During his tenure of 23 years, he has spearheaded global teams in multinational and Fortune 50 companies. His core competencies at work help steer the IT upskilling of the workforce through a range of digital transformation initiatives. Yogesh has been honored with several accolades for his work in digital IT innovation. In the recent past, he was awarded Under 50 Corporate Leader (Automotive Seating) by Business Mint, Elite Excellence ICON Award 2020 (Innovative Project), DEVOPS ICON 2021, and Technology Leader-Innovation 2021.

Over the years, he has spearheaded projects in Infrastructure modernization, IT restructuring & consolidation, IT PnL, digital innovations with IoT, IIOT, and smart factory manufacturing segmentation-based deployments. Additionally, he built programs to develop and implement world-class innovative solutions which include smart factory, rollouts of full-stack, DevOps, RPA, ERP’s, global infrastructure data center, information security, and compliance.

Recognised as an ‘enabler and innovator’ in his industry, this Computer Engineering graduate was also honored with a ‘Gold medal’ for his research work by a few prestigious institutions. His exceptional organizational development and IT skills combined with the astuteness to address immediate business needs, makes Yogesh a resilient leader with a positive attitude.


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