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Success Is Often A Combination Of Trial & Error

A market-seasoned professional and a serial entrepreneur, author, recipient of the SouthEast Asia Young Achiever’s Award, and the winner of the Global Indian of the Year and Man of Excellence for the Year 2020-21. Sanjeev Kumar is the founder and Global CEO of DTM Global Holdings, a technology-focused holding company. He is also the CEO of D&O Group ( DO Group. world) – a conglomerate with a very diverse business interest spread across various markets covering commodity trading, consultancy, ICT, renewable energy, healthcare, financial services, construction, mining, transport, and communication among others. In 2021 he was awarded Man of Excellence for the Year.

“There is no universal recipe for success, not sure if you can teach someone how to succeed. Often it is just a magical combination of trial and error.”

A prolific blogger, he is also an esteemed member of the Authors Guild of New York, the Society of Authors of the UK as well as the National Space Society. His love for all things sustainable began when he was young. Curious as a teen, he remembers being lost in his imagination, daydreaming, observing, and exploring everything around him in detail. Especially the spectacle of nature blossoming into its most beautiful form. The galaxy and stars were fascinating elements, he recalls sitting at the terrace of his house in Patna gazing at the night sky in absolute awe of its magnificence.

Entrepreneurial Journey

After pursuing a dual Master’s in Finance and Commerce and also an MBA from reputed universities in the United States, he started his career with a large financial firm in Wall Street. After doing a good stint at Wall Street, he decided to take on a different challenge. But becoming an entrepreneur was never the plan, it all transpired by chance.

Nature – Mentor & Inspiration

Focusing on re-inventing the future of healthcare, Sanjeev has been leading DTM Global Holding’s collective effort in transforming healthcare by combining modern medicine with state-of-the-art technology and holistic care focused on delivering the highest quality preventive personalized primary care capturing peoples the entire healthcare journey. As the Chief Visionary Officer & Global CEO of Harley Street Healthcare Group, a company promoter by DTM Global Holdings. He firmly believes nature is the best mentor one can have. It has an incredible ability to astound you. Nature’s core existence makes him feel at home, evoking the responsibility to save our planet by using its resources cautiously and effectively to survive and save human lives.

“I am not an evangelist of an industrial approach to healthcare services. My focus has been to create a global network of centers of excellence for integrated healthcare. Delivering the highest quality of personalized preventative primary care by marrying modern medicine with state-of-the-art technological innovation in the system while maximizing the resourcefulness of ancient medicine to improve the general well-being of individuals.”

Future Healthcare Services on Personalized Care & Longevity of Life

Harley Street Healthcare Group with its partners is building a unique global network of centers of excellence for integrated healthcare focused on longevity and wellness, delivering personalized preventative healthcare under continuity of care to people. Merging world-class modern medicine with robust health technology (like AI, AR+ VR Systems, Robotics, etc.) ensures covers for all aspects of an individual’s healthcare journey. A mind-body approach creates a unique healthcare profile of individuals, deploying the entire resources of our healthcare ecosystem to help people stay healthy for as long as possible. By integrating data with smartly designed technologies, we can capture unique data points enabling personalized healthcare for individuals.


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