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Avid Technology Wiz Is Empowering Humanity And Spearheading Robotic Innovations In The Middle East

As a child, he witnessed several low-income families grappling with feeding and educating their children. His father always encourages him to be empathetic in his actions while striving to help people through his professional endeavors. Mubin Mallik envisioned a future adorned with intelligent technology, which eventually led him to become a successful entrepreneur of a recognized and award-winning Robotics Technology Company in Kuwait.

Story of an innovator

An avid technology whiz, Mubin, is an MBA graduate from Cardiff University. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he worked at the manufacturing units in LG., Sony and gained distribution and channel management expertise through his professional stint with Asian ethnic garments in Wales. After conducting market research in GCC on robots, he developed the Humanoid Robot Services and became the founder of MI Robots company in India. Mohammed Mubin Mallick, Founder & CEO of Kiran Smart, is proud of his entrepreneurial venture, which provides cost-effective IT solutions, consulting, and maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence Robots transform business operations

Kiran Smart is the first recognized AI(Artificial Intelligence)Humanoids robots rental and IT solutions company in Kuwait. Operating business has become a challenge amidst the Covid pandemic. Maintaining social distance is crucial for health safety. The use of robotic solutions assists in sustaining business functions due to COVID 19. During the global pandemic, the company acquired significant momentum, helping businesses with service robots, interactive robots, delivery robots, UV disinfection robots, and playing robots for kids. The company played a vital role in building the market perception, benefits and developing the robotics industry in the UAE.

Challenges on his journey

While growing up as a teenager and during his professional journey, Mubin faced several hardships.” A shy kid who would stammer, I developed stage fright, public speaking was a massive challenge for me. I worked on myself and developed self-confidence. We must work ourselves to overcome the problematic situation that hinders us from achieving our goals. Establishing Kiran Smart, as a young entrepreneur, with no financial funding was also a roadblock. I worked around the clock giving seminars and presentations in India and UAE to investors. Soon enough, my business got instituted in 2019 and took flight. Since its inception, Kiran Smart has gained a loyal customer base from across the middle-east. I focused on upskilling the employee, acquainting them with the latest innovative technologies, and winning investors’ trust.” says Mubin Mallik.

Business growth through networking

Collaborating with prominent business IT firms during Mubin’s entrepreneurial journey helped Kiran Smart expedite business growth. An enthusiastic digital native, he toured the globe, sharing his pitch and presentations about Robotics and its applications in various fields at Stakeholder Conference in Dubai and the Global Virtual Hackathon Robocon in Canada. An innovative mind, Mubin has envisioned a future where his robots reach every home worldwide to assist humanity.

Recognition in robotic innovation

Under Mubin’s leadership, in 2021, Kiran Smart got awarded the Most Innovative Technology Robotics Company in Kuwait by Corporate Vision UK and the Top Robotics Companies at the Forefront of Innovation Analytic Insights. Insights Success accorded Mubin as Top Pioneering CEOs to Follow in 2021. Currently, he is busy curating his dream project, “Rise of Robotics Generation,” a platform to teach kids about Artificial Intelligence Robotic Technology through live demos on various models of the company’s robots.


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