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Changing The Society, Step By Step

Antony Sajeeth S Experienced Administration and Facilities professional with strong ethical values & motivational skills and have been instrumental to school Kids and Youngsters for the last 25 years. Having worked in Ramco Systems, Mafoi-Randstad and Currently with Play simple Games as the Director- Administration & Facilities describing his colourful journey of 22 + years landed into Series of Awards including Honorary Degree in Social Service

Integrity inspires Walking in the footsteps of a childhood hero, Dr HT Sangliana Retd. DGP and Former Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City, Sajeeth believes in being a man of integrity who is willing to go the distance to serve society.

One needs to change to bring about a change. Being proactive and driven by actionable thoughts goes a long way in laying the foundation of a successful social work module. Committed to the wellbeing of the people, social work should evolve as a medium to restore rights not dole out favours. Sajeeth’s actions have evolved from these thoughts.

Sajeeth says “Since college, I have been associated with multiple social initiatives. With my recent association with a Govt. School in Kolar District, I encouraged and empowered the students to inculcate the values of studies & sports together for a constructive flow of ideas and actions. To make this a reality, I have managed to provide basic sports equipment’s to encourage maximum participation. Bearing fruits of this endeavour, teams have been able to compete at the National level competition and have been Champions for the last 4 consecutive years. Further, Introduced the Cash prices from my own Savings to give a positive push to the students to secure the highest marks in the annual examination. While the sports initiative has been well received and continued with success for over 4 years, the cash award has seen good enthusiasm.”

Over the years, Sajeeth has been associated with many NGOs and wholeheartedly supported the conduct of health camps and other related activities. Sajeeth is also proudly associated with Project Vision as a “VISION AMBASSADOR” to promote Eye Donation.

Turning beliefs into action makes a definite difference to society. It’s like being a solitary lamp in the whole room that can enlighten every space. Exuding brightness that paves the way enlightened ideas, thoughts and actions.

—————————————————————————————————— Sajeeth thinks that sports is a cornerstone of every societal change. Inculcating values and life lessons that go a long way in moulding lives. Putting impetus on his daughter who is a good athlete and an inspiration for him, Sajeeth says that his daughter’s keenness to make it big propelled him to think beyond and make the most with every available resource.

As the pandemic reared its ugly head, the world stared at a life-changing event that affected lives and economies on a large scale. With the pandemic raising several questions on the way we led our lives, livelihoods have changed and new-normal has come into existence. Moving forward with his resolve to serve society on a large scale, Sajeeth made a humble start by feeding known families in his locality. Managing to support over 400+ families with the valuable support of family members and well-wishers. As a Volunteer “Covid Warrior” supported the BBMP (Bruhut Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) and the Police Department of the Govt of Karnataka, Sajeeth’s humanitarian efforts have been widely recognized and appreciated during the 1st and the 2nd wave.

With minimum personal funds, he associated himself with the school and encouraged sporting activities. Going out of the usual path, he ensured the participation of kids in different events at District & National levels, for the next 4-5 years in a row showcases his grand nurturing skills.

Sajeeth feels blessed to have a supportive family, especially his wife who has been not only caring but also a pillar of strength throughout his lifetime and always inspires him to put the first foot forward and picture it as an opportunity to help the needful even at the times like Covid. His empathic nature and the core inspiration to serve this society and Ready to Help nature is a heritage given by his Parents. Sajeeth doesn’t believe in resting on his laurels. For him, every accomplishment is an inspiration for the next endeavour. An endeavour that makes the society a better place, with every passing day.


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