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Energy Healing Practitioner Helps Cure Covid ICU Patients With Reiki And Crystal Healing

Born into a traditional Indian family in Jaipur, she never dreamt of becoming a healer. It happened when she moved to Delhi after getting married. Poonam Gupta, a certified Natural Healing Practitioner, Reiki Grandmaster, and Tarot Card Reader. Believes the body has the power to heal itself by channelizing the energies within. In the past six years, she has cured numerous people. Helped them overcome chronic health diseases, mental trauma, relationship, and financial problems. She recently won ‘Most Promising Energy Healer & Tarot Card Reader, Delhi /NCR’ at The Global Choice Awards 2021.

Assisting ICU COVID-19 patients to heal and recover with energy healing amidst the global pandemic was her way of giving back to society. In 2020 when the Covid -19 pandemic hit our country, numerous people were suffering and needed to recover and regain their physical and emotional health. Poonam decided to become a covid warrior in her own right and helped over 25 Covid ICU patients heal through reiki and crystal healing. Patients shared testimonials on the treatment and counseling they received relieving them from body pain, stress, anxiety, and even chronic depression.

Fundamentally all humans are individual sources of energy. Our body can promote self-healing when energy is channelized befittingly. An energy healer guides and unblocks the flow of the vital energy force in the body which causes functional disbalances leading to anxiety and ailments.

Choosing an alternate healing therapy to cure my own chronic health issues was how it all began.

Trust is a key factor in energy healing. She credits her husband for his support who pushed her to try Reiki healing during her pregnancy and experienced a high risk cesarean delivery. “I was bedridden for a few months post-surgery and suffered severe lower back pain. One fine morning my husband suggested I try Reiki healing instead since there was no relief from allopathic medication. I started my sessions and experienced relief from the pain and began walking within a fortnight. “ shares Poonam.

Poonam became fascinated with natural healing practices. Shortly after recovery she pursued international certification in Reiki Healing,Crystal Healing,Tarot Card Reading, Sound Healing, Pendulum Dowsing and Candle Healing. Later she founded Divine Blessings by Poonam with the guidance of her reiki mentor Dr.N.K Sharma. She is also a proud member of the International Association of Reiki Healers.

Health issues are a significant cause of anxiety that hinders our physical and emotional wellbeing. Over the years, Indians have become aware of the benefits of alternative healing therapies. Since natural healing practices are non-invasive, people experience no side effects. Amidst these unprecedented times, people are angst and exhausted. Many are facing marriage, career, and relationship crisis. Poonam aims to educate people on the long-term benefits of staying mindful and healthy through natural healing practices and tarot reading.


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