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Young Award-Winning L&D Specialist Develops Learner-Centric Solutions By Data-Driven Elearning

She accidentally landed in the field of L&D when during her graduation her mentor suggested she work on a learning designing project for a startup. Currently employed with LinkedIn as an L&D Specialist, she graduated in Engineering from the Global Academy of Technology and IIM, Bangalore. Learning and Development Consultant, Smruti Sudarshan has emerged as a thought leader and a recognized eLearning strategist within six years of her career.

A passionate computer science engineer, Smruti began her career with a global MNC developing engaging eLearning courses for Customer Support employees. In the next few years, she enhanced her data-driven skills and knowledge while working with companies like Dell, Tesseract Learning, and Mindtree. Her most loved project was to develop courses for personality-disabled employees for an NGO in Australia. She was driven and gained in-depth knowledge of authoring tools like (Lectora, Storyline, and Captivate), the Adobe Suite, front-end web development (Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), along with xAPI all by herself.

Her Unique Approach To eLearning and Its USP

Smruti is fascinated with learning methodologies, Learner Psychology and Education Technology. She firmly believes data-driven strategies will make eLearning platforms become game-changers in helping users become self-directed learners using technology to their advantage.

She has personalized eLearning, creating user-friendly programs that helped understand the learners’ behavior and trends in the Learning Management System(LMS). Focusing on ‘Upskilling’ is a key to boost learners’ knowledge while helping them stay aligned with the business goals. Such eLearning data-driven strategies help track corporate or individual learners’ digital footprint and instruct them where they failed due to an incorrect learning strategy.

A young 26-year-old entrepreneur, Smruti has proved herself, gained several accolades in her field like Excellence in Digital Transformation by GTF India and The Brandon Hall Award for the best certification program. She is the first Indian to speak at the eLearning Success Summit 2.0. 2021 takes her to globally recognized platforms as she steads forward with pride to be among the first Indians to speak at ‘The Learning Ideas Conference 2021’ and a podcast collaboration with Brandon Hall Group HCMx Radio Podcast.


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