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Young Therapist Unique Approach To Help People Stay Mindful By Combining Key Metaphysical Techniques

Born and raised in a rigid patriarchal Rajput family in rural Bihar. She was not allowed to talk to boys, sing, dance, or express her opinions till the age of 14. This made her an introverted, timid, and clueless girl. When she was 8 years old she decided to become a psychologist.

“I was always fascinated by people’s behavior. Curious to know why they behave the way they do and why many of us get lost in life’s cycle and face mental and emotional distress. My agenda was to help empower people while aiding them understand and address the emotions they faced in daily life,” says Dr. Priyanka Kumari.

Founder of Priyanka’s Spiritual Cafe, Priyanka Kumari, a Doctor of Alternative Medicine and a Psychology enthusiast. She specializes in Psychic Tarot Reading, Numerology, Modern Meditation, Mindfulness, and Hypnotherapy with a decade of experience.

Irrespective of gender or age, anxiety, depression, and feeling directionless are common phenomena faced by humans today. People are looking for help, however, they are uncomfortable talking about their issues and are unaware of how to reach the right person who will help resolve their challenges. Identifying the need to start a dialogue on emotional and mental wellbeing with people in India and worldwide was my window of hope. I started blogging to share stories with others while helping others to understand themselves better.

How can one handle the daily obstacles that create emotional turmoil, stress, and self-doubts within us, hindering us to be at peace and achieve our life goals?

Her Novel Approach To Healing

She combines psychology, energy, and astrology to analyze her client’s past experiences, current behavior, and patterns in life. She guides them with practical solutions and a new modern approach that is well received by millennials as well. Priyanka’s Spiritual Cafe brings different healing modalities together to provide maximum benefits to people and help them create a new reality for themselves. “My deep sense of understanding people’s emotions taking reference from my own experiences while growing up helped me connect with others,” says Dr. Priyanka.

Risks and Challenges in her journey

Convincing her family was the first big hurdle for Priyanka. After shifting to Delhi with her parents in 2003, she was the first girl in her family to work. She excelled at work, however, at the peak of her stable corporate career she decided to quit her job and choose to pursue alternate medicine, tarot reading, and numerology. Her constant source of inspiration came from listening and following the ideologies of Vishen Lakhiani (Founder of Mindvalley), whose talks immensely inspired her.

India’s progress towards equal recognition and rights for women remains elusive. We are in 2021 yet a woman’s competence in her workplace is judged by her age and years of experience in comparison to men. “I faced rejection when I started my career. I was denied projects because numerous people told me I look too young to be a therapist. However, I was mindful and remained focused and here I am today celebrating my victory,” adds Dr. Priyanka.


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