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HR Professional’s Ardent Humanitarian Zeal Leads Her To Entrepreneurship

Unemployment can create devastating conditions in people’s lives, leaving them with no purpose to persevere in life. While growing up in a low-income family, Swati soon realized self-confidence, education, including financial freedom were crucial components to becoming a successful entrepreneur. In 2013 Swati Jaiswal founded Sunshine Placement Services in Kolkata.

“It’s gratifying to know that numerous unemployed individuals got recruited due to our efforts. We have created a positive impact, a social change giving individuals opportunities, diverse paths to prosper and forge ahead to fulfill their aspirations.”

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Swati worked as a franchise manager, including various roles as an HR professional. However, she remained discontented and disconnected without her core purpose in life. Nevertheless, she soon realized her business acumen, and there was no looking back.

Following the ideologies of her idol, Mr. Ratan tata kept her focused. It encourages her to create a legit platform to help assist individuals with job opportunities to explore their talent to gain financial independence.

Sunshine Placement equips candidates with career counseling training and prepares them for interviews, bridging the colossal unemployment gap in India. With over 450 companies as clients, today, Sunshine Placement Services administers HR services across India. In the years to come, Swati aims to help people get employed with prominent international companies abroad. She is currently curating a steady expansion plan for her recruitment firm to help cater to clients and businesses across the globe.

A headstrong woman, who became an entrepreneur at the age of 23, Swati is also a certified pranic healer, reiki practitioner, angel card reader, and blogger. Humble, kind, polite in her disposition, yet intense and tenacious in her negotiation strategies. She was awarded as Women Entrepreneur for 2020. Under her astute leadership, within a short span of 6 years Sunshine Placement gained recognition and got awarded as Top 10 Startups from West Bengal.


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