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Inspired By Innovation And Technology As A Youth, He Set Out To Conquer His Dreams

Growing up, his parents taught him the importance of perseverance and strong willpower. Debabrata Sarkar grew up in a humble middle-class family from Siliguri, West Bengal. Despite the hardships their family suffered, his father encouraged him to focus on in aspirations, while learning to be pragmatic in his decision-making to prosper in life.

Mr. Debabrata Sarkar, Chairman & Managing Director of MicroAlgae Solutions India Pvt Ltd & Vice President, Asia Pacific, AlgaEnerg is also a passionate painter and photographer. His fervor for protecting the environment through sustainable agriculture practices using innovation and technology inspired him to start his own business.

Augmenting business strategies with effective leadership

AlgaEnergy is a biotechnology-based company specializing in the science of microalgae with over two million customers globally. Debabrata Sarkar is a recognized professional with 25 years of experience in the International Agricultural industry. During his tenure, he held Leadership roles in Chemtura, Monsanto, Syngenta, and Biological companies based in the United States.

Debabrata believes the strength of a leader is evident in the strategy he adapts while managing a crisis. Amidst the global pandemic, he played a pivotal role in closing the JV between AlgaEnergy and KREPL Group within 43 days.

Crafting sustainable, innovative, and potent solutions for plants to increase crops yield

Plants have coexisted with soil microbes over hundreds of millions of years since evolution began on earth. The use of organic soil microbes bolsters the growth of the crop. Apart from nutrients, microbes produce hormones and chemicals to stimulate plant growth.

AlgaEnergy, a recognized world leader in Microalgae Biotechnology

Small and large-scale farmers must understand the benefits of soil microbes and sustainable farming practices. The company created initiatives to increase the interaction between farmers and the end consumer. AlgaEnergy played a catalyst in helping farmers across the globe produce high-quality crops that positively impact people’s health. It’s taken almost ten years of rigorous research and development integrating cutting-edge facilities to launch their brand AgriAlgae®, a range of high-quality biostimulants.

An awarded business leader in the Agriculture Industry

Under Debabrata’s leadership, AlgaEnergy (MicroAlgae Solutions India Pvt Ltd) won the Technology Leadership Award for 2019, facilitated by Narendra Singh Tomar, the Central Minister of Agriculture. He was accorded the Most Influential Agriculture Industry Professional Award in 2020 by the Agriculture Innovation Congress & Awards. Business Leader of the Year by the World Leadership Congress & Awards and CEO of the Year in 2021 by the Indian Achievers Forum.Outstanding Leader of the Year in Biotechnology & Biological Industry by Global Choice Awards (2021).


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