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Meet The Progressive Visionary Whose Quest Is To Advocate The Impact Of Gender Inequality At Work

A Diversity & Inclusion Visionary, Doctoral Researcher, Speaker, and Author, Garima Mishra is a seasoned professional with over 18 years of experience in cutting-edge technologies. Her book “Be the Woman of Impact” sheds light on the existing consequences of gender disparity and bigotry, which hinder women from experiencing professional growth in their careers.

Brought up in a family of strong-willed and independent women, Garima grew up to be a strong, self-assured young woman. Not until she started mentoring did she gain insight into gender inequality and the consequential impact that hinders women’s growth in their professional careers.

Be the Woman of Impact analyzes the current gender disparity diaspora, the obstacles women face in the workplace. It teaches how they can prepare to identify the growth opportunities leading them to success. During her research, she worked with women’s groups and college students interested in diversity as a subject. It was an excellent opportunity for her to collaborate with executive teams to educate and influence diversity and inclusion best practices at the workplace.

“My book, “Be the Woman of Impact,” does not focus just on leadership, leadership traits, or obstacles. Instead, it presents the current state of diversity in numbers around the world. Depicting the challenges women face today in their workplaces, the opportunities accessible to them today and in the future given a shortage of skilled talent. The strategic statements made by many companies for 2030 and how we can develop different aspects of ourselves to leverage these changes by displaying women as valuable and skilled talent. It discusses the changes the management is required to deal with amidst the Covid pandemic .”

As adults, we hunt for chances and nurture ourselves. Garima discovered her purpose in life was to give more than she received. She firmly believes that we don’t need to be accomplished champions, influencers, senior executives, or national leaders to make an impact. One can make an impact instantly and become an ambassador of change if you are committed to actioning your endeavours. Globalization has brought people together today. The world has developed a greater sense of awareness and is open to a dialogue. Her research has helped young women in universities and companies realize what mistakes they can avoid and the learning path to fast-track their careers.


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