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Taking Forward Her Family’s Legacy To Heal People Through Ayurveda Is This Doctor’s Only Endeavour

Dr. Monica B. Sood navigated herself through a critical juncture in her life when she became one of the youngest CEOs, at the age of 18. “Being the only child in the family, I could not let my father’s hard work and mission to heal people through traditional medicine go astray. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, be ready to stead forward fearlessly amidst all circumstances, your intention will define your success story.”

Challenges in her journey

After her father’s demise, in 1992, Dr. Monica had to take charge of the business along with her mother at Navjivan Group. Deciding to take such a crucial responsibility at such a young age was a colossal challenge. Not getting the option to first complete her education, she felt lost, while the herbal healthcare business was on the verge of shutting down. The circumstances became emotionally and physically chaotic for Dr.Sood. She faced huge financial difficulties in restoring their herbal healthcare business due to debts and pending legal issues. It was an arduous task to deal with and convince the International affiliates and agents, after her father’s sudden demise.

Dr. Monica fought against all odds, reinstated Navjivan over the next few years and pursued her further education. She is a qualified Physician in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery with a Masters in Business Administration (Human Resources), International Business & Law. Fellowship in Thoracic Oncology from the University of Michigan and has done a course in Cancer Metastasis from John Hopkins University, U.S.A.

Her honest endeavor is to help people heal naturally through Ayurvedic medicine

Incepted during the British rule in 1923 by Dr. Monica’s grandfather, Maharishi Dr. Amarnath Sood, The Navjivan Group has a 98 years old legacy. He dedicated over fifty years of his life experimenting with countless herbs, minerals and plant extracts to study ancient alternate medicine scriptures based on Ayurveda. Dr. Monica’s love and curiosity with traditional medicine began at the age of 5, thanks to her grandfather who she observed making herbal ayurvedic medicinal concoctions while growing up.

Navjivan Healthcare Services offers effective natural herbal health medication propounded as per ancient scriptures to preserve the efficacy of the ingredients. Customized treatments are curated for patients after gaining detailed insight into the patient’s overall health history, any diseases or disorders in the past.

“Healing is the restoration of the natural functions of the body and mind. The aetiology of physical and mental ailments and diseases is oceanic in itself. The fundamental functioning of mind and body both get affected by toxins that are released when we face stress, anxiety, or get raged. The toxins affect the vital energy force of the body and disrupt the natural way the body functions. Over time numerous ailments start to surface. Numerous people across the globe advocate and believe in healing diseases naturally through alternative medicine. Ayurveda is a centuries-old traditional system of medicine (TSMs) accepted worldwide, also proven to have no side effects,” she says.

Recognizing her outstanding and remarkable contribution to the Health Sector (Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery), Dr. Monica D. Sood was recently awarded the Woman of Excellence Award (2020 – 2021) by the Indian Achievers Forum and facilitated at the Global Healthcare Awards 2021.


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